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Long time, no

All: We’re going out!
Lil K-Daddy: No, you’re not.
Kaitlin: Why?
Lil K-Daddy: We need to chat. All y’all sit!
All look at eachother.
Lil K-Daddy: I read about the teacher you hit with the hack in the paper.
-Switch to Swanny still lying on floor being ignored. Switch back.-
All: He interrupted the hack. He had to face the consequences.
Lil K-Daddy: Oh my! Girls, hand over the hacks!
All: No, daddy, no!
Lil K-Daddy: You’re not my kids.
Kaitlin: What about me?
Lil K-Daddy: What about you?
All give him the hacks.
Lil K-Daddy: No hack for you!
Voiceover: Hack nazi!

We should try for an editing session sometime over Christmas Break. >.> What little break we have, anyway.
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