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Oh wow, it's...

Scene II

Anna, Kaitlin, Kathryn, and Kristina</b> are sitting in our hallway sighing of boredom.
Anna: This is so boring!
Kaitlin, Kathryn, Kristina: (general improvised agreement)
Michele: *comes up the stairs all shadylike* Hey, do you guys wanna… hack?
Kaitlin: I dunno if we should, guys.
Kathryn: Let’s go, it looks like fun!
Kristina: Are you kidding? I just got beat up by a hack circle! –Zoom in on Nelly Scar- I want no part of this! *runs away Scary Movie-like*
All: Whatever.
Anna: Will we get in trouble?
Michele: No, man. It’s perfectly safe.
Kathryn: Fo’ shizzle. *joins Michele*
Voiceover: Is this peer pressure? I think so.
Kaitlin and Anna reluctantly join.
Mrs. Gillette strolls in, shakes her head, kicks Michele, and exits.
Michele: *rolling around in agony* My layg! My layg!
Voiceover: The hack gets to everyone.

HTML update! :o
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