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All are hacking by Swanny’s door. Swanny comes out, gets hit, and falls.
Kathryn: Sweet Jesus on a stick!
Michele: We hit him in the dome-a-tory! Run!
All run downstairs and outside.
Swanny is rolling around in obvious pain – people are ignoring him.
All are running through Red Hook, then stop at alleyway.
Michele: Hey, you guys wanna hack here?
-Switch to Swanny lying on floor, passed out. Switch back-
Kaitlin: Might as well.
-Switch to Kristina’s House-
Miranda: Mom, we’re going downstairs to watch some wholesome movies!
Bambi is watched!
Michele: Let’s go hack! This movie sucks.
All SNEAK OUT Mission Impossible style. All pile into Miranda’s car and go to CVS parking lot, and hack.
Voiceover: This time it’s gone too far.

When is the second half of Scene I being filmed? Thursday's lunch(es)?
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