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Scene I

Opening: Michele is watching a hack circle, alone.

Michele: *dramatic sigh* I wish I could hack. *sigh again*
Hack Fairy: *skips in* Now you can hack! *hands Michele the hack and drapes Sheanaenae around her, then skips away and exits with BEST. EXIT. EVER.*
Hack Circle: *throws a hack over to Michele*
Michele: *begins to hack* Can I get a yee-haw?
Hack Circle: Yee haw! *low monotone voice* You should come hack with us!
Michele timidly walks over, then happily joins the hack circle.

Michele curiously looks at Sheanaenae and the hack while walking down the hall. Finally she decides to try out her HxC Skillz, and hacks down the hallway and out the building, narrowly avoiding the guy who gave us the Pepsi that totally had something else in it.
- That 70's Show type circle; Dancing Ensues (Chicken Dance, Twist, Skanking, Electric Slide, Macarena, Can Can, the Robot, Rockaway, Grapevine, Shimmy) -
Kristina runs through the circle; people push her down and poke her in the cheek.
Michele: What're we doing?
Hack Circle: She interrupted the hack. She must face the consequences.
Michele: Oh my!
Voiceover: What has Michele gotten herself into?

Just a teaser for now, Scene II coming soon.

[Edit (120904) - Script Revision: The Hack Fairy no longer gives Michele the hack.]
[Edit (121404) - Script Revision: Due to a lack of participants (>< Goddamn them) Scene I was rewritten.]
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