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Scene III

Scene III

Michele: Man, I don’t wanna go to my class next period.
Kathryn: Yeah, I hate math. It’s so lame. Let's skip!
Kaitlin: Word up.
All go outside to hack with other people.
Kathryn: Oh man, we are sooo bad.
-Switch to Kaitlin’s Living Room-
Kaitlin: Daddy, I’m going to go see [insert wholesome Kid Movie that's in theatres the time of filming]!
Lil K-Daddy: Who’s going to be there?
Kaitlin: Mah friends!
Lil K-Daddy: Have a nice time!
Kaitlin leaves the house, then gets in the shady car with loud Lil John music.
Michele: Man, let’s go hack!
All: Yay-yah!
Miranda: Let’s kick it!
-Switch to Behind The Movies-
All are hacking.
Voiceover: Once you go hack, you can never go back.

Progress Update:

Only half of Scene I was able to be filmed, as our hack circle skipped out on us. >< WTF, man. We're hoping we'll be able to get some people to work with us at lunch. Scene I had to be changed accordingly; I'll get around to editing that sometime. Eventually.
But let's be optimistic - what we did get done looks really good. n.n We got some pretty great bloopers, which'll be included on the DVD set! Whoa. :o How cool.
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