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our first layout is nearly complete! all we need now is an icon which i'll make sometime this weekend.

all those letters were taken from different sites. since i'm big on giving credit where it's due, there's an entire list of sites. a couple of these may be mixed up, because some letters repeated.

D angelfire.com/pa4/cooldoll/index1.html
I elyrics.com
R gir.n3.net
T chooseyourbanners.homestead.com/brokenglass.html
Y degrassi.faded-visions.net/
S the-n.com
T efanguide.com/~degrassi/
A the-n.com
Y sillyjanine.com
- yumestudio.it
U mugglenet.com
P mufflonen.fateback.com/
P chooseyourbanners.homestead.com/brokenglass.html
R efanguide.com/~degrassi/
O a Princess Diaries 2 ad on the-n.com
D geocities.com/degrassiuncensored/
U yumestudio.it
C www.degrassi-archives.tk/
T angelfire.com/weird/stuffnjunk/dollmakerspink.html
I http://www.nighttimesims.no/josie
O kaitliiin
N dollz.moongraphics.org
S bunnyofdoom.org/itm/
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